Hey there! You found me. Welcome to my paint and glitter-filled world of magic and art. What can I tell you?

I can't remember a time I wasn't working with my hands on one creative endeavor or another from painting with mud to hot gluing inconceivable amounts of glitter onto dresses.  Art was always there, but never as a real pursuit.  I studied English in college, and after receiving my BA I taught English in Japan for a little while.  I jumped around between different 'real' jobs, telling myself each time the next one would be something I could do for a living.  I didn't have to love it, I just wanted not to hate it so vehemently.  Like so many artists before me, those jobs left me mostly with crippling depression and anxiety.  Time and time again, I turned to art to escape and heal.  Over time, my voice and style emerged.  With the support of the wonderful people around me, I finally felt confident enough to share my work.  I'm here to share, to encourage you on your own journeys, and to never stop exploring.  Thank you for being here with me.